The Tower of Candy is a candy factory, located in Candy Village. It creates Rare Candies from the candy found in Rock Candy Mine. On the second floor, the player meets the Rival, who's surprised to see them. He assures the player he hasn't seen Team Sour and definitely wasn't chased out of the tower, and then issues a battle. After he flees, the player picks up his dropped Binoculars. At the very top of the tower is Sour Admin Wilfred, who, once beaten, exclaims that he will find another way to get rich and famous fast. Afterwards, the player receives the B-Day Cake from the factory's manager.

Items  Edit

Floor 3 Edit

Item Location
Escape Rope Above Sour Crow

Floor 4 Edit

Item Location
Elixer Middle of room
Great Ball Bottom of room
Awakening Top of room

Floor 5 Edit

Item Location
Rare Candy Top of room
Nugget Bottom of room

Floor 6 Edit

Item Location
Ether Bottom of room
Rare Candy Bottom left of room

PokéSweets Edit

PokéSweet Location Levels Rate
Candix Walking 15-18
Cupop Walking 17-20
Lemdrop Walking 13
Gummiursa Walking 14-16
Gumble Walking 17

Trainers Edit

Floor 2 Edit

Trainer PokéSweets

(reward ¥800)

Cupcat lv.25

Raicicle lv.25

Raticake lv.25

Floor 3 Edit

Trainer PokéSweets
Sour Crow

(reward ¥520)

Caratrode lv.26
Sour Puss

(reward ¥480)

Cupcat lv.24
Sour Apple

(reward ¥440)

Lolliwak lv.22

Floor 4 Edit

Trainer PokéSweets
Sour Larry

(reward ¥920)

Cupop lv.23

Lolliwak lv.23

Sour Lemon

(reward ¥440)

Gummaring lv.22
Sour Milk

(reward ¥480)

Gumballer lv.24

Floor 5 Edit

Trainer PokéSweets
Sour Orange

(reward ¥440)

Caratorb lv.22
Sour Lime

(reward ¥480)

Mintastar lv.24
Sour Grape

(reward ¥560)

Lolliwak lv.28
Sour Banana

(reward ¥440)

Bananibuzz lv.22

Floor 6 Edit

Trainer PokéSweets
Sour Man

(reward ¥1,120)

Banvy lv.22

Banvine lv.25

Banperior lv.28

Sour Emile

(reward ¥480)

Candix lv.24

Floor 7 Edit

Trainer PokéSweets
Sour Admin Wilfred

(reward ¥5,120)

Cupcake lv.32

Raticake lv.32

Banperior lv.32

Gummaring lv.32