Meringue City is a medium-sized town with a yellow theme. The houses has yellow roofs and the surrounding water resembles lemonade. It has a PokéSweet Center, Sweet Mart, PokéSweet Baking Club, and the Meringue City Gym. South of the city is the Banana Harbor where the player can board the S.S. Banana. The NPCs in the houses talk about a mysterious Chocobun, the creator of all PokéSweets and Sweet Land. There are two berry trees in the northern part of town, giving the player Persim and Aspear berries.

Lemon Way is initially blocked off by a pirate, but he moves after defeating the pirates on the S.S. Banana.

Places of Interest Edit

PokéSweet Baking Club Edit

The Chairman of the PokéSweet baking club has baked over a 100 PokéSweets, and tells the player about his favorite Cupvee evolution. After listening to his lengthy praising, the Chairman will reward the player with a Bike Voucher, for hearing him out. The Bike Voucher can be exchanged for a Donut Bike in Orange City.

Meringue City Gym Edit

There used to be two gyms in Meringue city, but they soon merged into one. The two Gym Leaders are Ban and Lem, who used to be rivals because they types are weak against each other. Ban uses Banana-type PokéSweets, while Lem uses Lemon-type. The gym is made to resemble an ice-type puzzle the player has to skillfully maneuver.

Sweet Mart Edit

See a list of items for sale on the Sweet Marts and Shops page.

In addition, a girl to the right of the Sweet Mart will sell the player Lemonades for ¥800.

Items Edit

Item Location
Persim Berry x2 From the berry tree
Aspear Berry x2 From the berry tree

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