There are a variety of handy and important items in Pokemon Sweet Version.

Also see the HMs page for those important moves.

Useable Items Edit

Item Use Location
Town Map It's a map! Cookie Village, gift from Mom
Berry Pouch Holds Berries Received first time player obtains berry
TM Case Holds TMs & HMs Received first time player obtains TM
Donut Bike Ride it? Orange City, exchange for Bike Voucher
Binoculars See things far away Tower of Candy, dropped by Rival
B-Day Cake Wakes a sleeping PokéSweet Tower of Candy, after beating Sour Admin
Coin Case Keeps Chocolate Coins Rainbow City, Game Center, from Rival

Non-Useable Items Edit

Item Use Location
Running Shoes Run! Cookie VIllage, gift from Mom
Bike Voucher Exchanged for a bike Meringue City, from Baking Club Chairman

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