Honey Road (Route 9) is a hilly route that spans between Orange City and Chocolate Creek.


Item Location
Burn Heal Down first ledge from Choco Creek side
Ether On rock near Orange City
TM40 Ledge under Picnicker Alicia


PokéSweet Location Levels Rate
Migum Grass 17 40%
Gummiursa Grass 15 40%
Grass 15%
Grass 5%


Trainer PokéSweets
Hiker Alan

Reward: ¥1,512

Caratorb lv.21

Candix lv.21

Picnicker Caitlin

Reward: ¥460

Meowffin lv.23
Bug Catcher Conner

Reward: ¥480

Cottonat lv.20

Ariacake lv.20

Gummiursa lv.20

Hiker Bryce

Reward: ¥1,440

Squirpie lv.20

Popsichu lv.20

Caratorb lv.20

Camper Drew

Reward: ¥760

Chocosaur lv.19

Straweleon lv.19

Sherzel lv.19

Gummiursa lv.19

Camper Chris

Reward: ¥840

Chocosaur lv.21

Strawander lv.21

Bug Catcher Runt

Reward: ¥456

Cookietune lv.19

Cookietune lv.19

Picnicker Alicia

Reward: ¥720

Bananaby lv.18

Gumble lv.18

Banvine lv.18

Lemdrop lv.18

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