Here you'll find a list of PokéSweets who can learn those nifty HMs and TMs.

HMs Edit

HM01 Cut HM02 Fly HM03
No. PokéSweet No. PokéSweet No. PokéSweet
001 Brownisaur 011 Cottomoth 123 Panfisk
002 Chocosaur 050 Bananaby 031 Torteringe
003 Fudgasaur 051 Bananibuzz
006 Strawizard 006 Strawizard*
015 Cookietune 123 Panfisk
020 Raticake
032 Banvy
034 Banperior
046 Pawnsour
050 Bananaby
051 Bananibuzz
052 Meowffin
053 Cupcat
115 Kangascake
133 Cupvee
123 Panfisk
HM04 Strength
No. PokéSweet
006 Strawizard

*via Move Relearner, not HM

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