Pokemon Sweet Version adds some classic HMs and TMs, along with a few new ones.

Please see the HMs and TMs page for move details and the HM/TM PokéSweets for a list of who can learn what.

HMs Edit

HM Move Location Found Badge Required
HM01 Cut Orange Road (gift from Hiker) Orange Badge (Fizzy)
HM02 Fly S.S. Banana (gift from Chocobun) Yellow Badge (Ban & Lem)
HM03 Surf Black Forest (after you beat team sour)
HM04 Strength Rainbow City, Game Corner (buy for 1,000C)

TMs Edit

TM No. Move Type Location Price
TM01 Focus Punch CHOCO
TM02 Magic Claw RASP
TM03 Water Pulse BLUE
TM04 Sugar High RASP
TM05 Roar VANIL Orange Hills; Rainbow Mall ¥1,000
TM06 Famish RASP
TM07 Hail GRAPE Rocky Road
TM08 Bulk Up CHOCO
TM09 Bullet Mint LIME Rock Candy Mine, Floor 1
TM10 Pound VANIL Pickup Ability
TM11 Sundae CHOCO Orange City, from Sour Girl Battle
TM12 Taunt GRAPE
TM13 Ice Cream GRAPE Chocolate Game Center 4,000C
TM14 Brain Freeze GRAPE
TM15 Hyper Beam VANIL Rainbow Mall ¥7,500
TM16 Light Screen RASP
TM17 Protect VANIL
TM18 Rain Dance CHOCO Orange City, after returning man his TM11 TM11
TM19 Giga Dragin LIME
TM20 Safeguard VANIL
TM21 Frustration VANIL
TM22 Solar Beam LIME
TM23 Apple Tail APPLE Chocolate Game Center 3,500C
TM24 Orange Bolt ORAN Chocolate Game Center 4,000C
TM25 Orange Crush ORAN
TM26 Earthquake STRAW
TM27 Return VANIL
TM28 Astonish GRAPE Rainbow Mall ¥2,000
TM29 Rasp RASP
TM30 Giant Grape GRAPE Chocolate Game Center 4,500C
TM31 Brick Break CHOCO Rainbow Mall ¥3,000
TM32 Double Team VANIL
TM33 Reflect RASP
TM34 Shock Wave LEMON
TM35 Flamethrower ORAN Chocolate Game Center 4,000C
TM36 Citra Bomb LEMON
TM37 Sandstorm CHOCO Rocky Road 2F
TM38 Fire Blast ORAN
TM39 Rock Tomb CHER
TM40 Aerial Ace VANIL
TM41 Torment BANAN
TM42 Facade VANIL
TM43 Secret Power VANIL Rainbow Mall ¥3,000
TM44 Zest  ORAN
TM45 Attract VANIL Jelly Bridge; Rainbow Mall ¥3,000
TM46 Thief VANIL Rock Candy Mine, Floor 3
TM47 Banana Wing BANAN
TM48 Skill Swap RASP
TM49 Snatch BANAN
TM50 Overbake ORAN Rocky Road