Chocolate Creek is a route above Candy Village. Cake Tunnel lies right in the middle of it, and after exiting the Tunnel, there is a PokéSweet Center.


PokéSweet Location Levels Rate
Caratorb Grass 14-16 40%
Popsichu Grass 13-16 40%


Before Cake Tunnel

Trainer PokéSweets
PokéManiac Herman

(reward ¥2,400)

Lolliwak lv.23

Gummaring lv.25

Hiker Trent

(reward ¥1,800)

Candix lv.25

Caratrode lv.25

Picnicker Carol

(reward ¥840)

Raicicle lv.21

Banvine lv.21

Beauty Clark

(reward ¥3,024)

Candix lv.21

Candix lv.21

After Cake Tunnel

Trainer PokéSweets
Picnicker Heidi

(reward ¥800)

Popsichu lv.20

Bananabuzz lv.20

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