Throughout the region of Kanto, There are some NPC that will create a PokéSweet for you after giving them some berries. Each of these Sweets can be done multiple Times so long as you have the necessary Berries

NPC locations Edit

Location PokéSweet Level Berries Needed
Pudding City Rattatart 10 X4 Oran Berries

X4 Pecha Berries

Orange City Cupvee 15 X2 Oran Berries

X2 Pecha Berries

X2 Chesto Berries

X2 Cheri Berries

Chocolate Hill Cinnawag 15 X2 Chesto Berries

X2 Cheri Berries

Berry City Tortoal 20 X4 Chesto Berries

if more are found they will be added

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